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CASALI traditionally follows the technological developments and market trends of both the Italian and international markets and has in this way earned a reputation as an experienced and reliable company.

Today more than ever this philosophy must not undermine the many developments offered by scientific discovery that the market seeks so continuously. Developing new products and advanced solutions is part of our genetic make-up while putting ourselves on the line every day to face innovative themes is the key to winning exciting new challenges.

This is why we have created the Synthetic Geomembrane Division that specialises in polyolefin coverings – the new technological frontier in the eco-sustainable building trade. 


The Reasons Behind our Choice

Our growing awareness of the environment we leave to future generations is in itself sufficient to justify our efforts in developing solutions that ensure intelligent and compatible use of environmental resources. But our aims go well beyond this: we wish to offer reasonably priced products that will last in time so that those who know us will continue to count on us and those who do not will learn to appreciate us. 


Reliable solutions for uses of any kind

Years of experience in the field of waterproofing, our collaboration with experts, untiring controls on our products and our willingness to investigate and resolve even the most complicated technical problems are the instruments we offer to find the most appropriate solution for your specific requirements. Great care goes into the production of each and every covering and only tried and tested know-how can give you just the right system. By choosing our polyolefin coverings you know you have best solution in terms of guaranteed quality and duration for the specific conditions of your site. System philosophyThe FLEXINE system is our answer to all this and offers: careful control during production, design and planning, complete and professional assistance  from design to production, constant updating on technological innovation, operator training, a complete range of accessories and complementary layers.

We will work together to allow you to face and resolve even the most difficult and complex problems.


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